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Milady Standard Make up reviewed by Melanie Doyle

Milady Standard Make up – Michelle D’Allaird

Reviewed by Melanie Doyle, Make-up Artist 24 Sep 2013

Milady Standard Make-UpPublished: 2013

Format: Hardback, 530 pages

Author: Michelle D’Allaird

I really was truly bowled over with the vibrancy of the text and the visual images throughout, no book is ever perfect but this is one of the best I have read in a long time...

Overall the Milady Standard Make-up textbook offers a substantial amount of information in each chapter that captures the fine detail that is required in the makeup industry.

Throughout the book my favourite parts was the tips, alerts, considerations and activity's that would benefit even the most experienced of make-up artists, teachers to the early novice student reader due to the books range of subjects, information and photographic elements.

The chapters each have an extent of variation that would easily suit a novice learner to an advanced makeup artist who is looking for detailed information on advanced techniques such as 3D couture make-up which is the sculpting contouring technique that is in every magazine of late.  The book would also be a useful tool for novice or advanced tutors who was looking for some good lesson activity sand ideas for planning subject areas such as skin camouflage.

The only negative to this book would be that the health and safety regulations and some wording is American laws and expressions but nothing too much that it would cause me not to choose this book to buy. 

The positives throughout this book, such as an extensive range of step by steps, colour and anatomy theory, advanced makeup and airbrushing techniques to the In-depth business chapter far out way the small differences of laws. 

The format of the book is easy to read with its small paragraphs of information teamed with either diagrams, review pages and lots of glossary's that easily refer to certain terms which keeps the structure different and vibrant and pleasant and enjoyable to read.

Melanie Doyle, Makeup Artist 24 Sep 2013

Celebrity MUA, ADCreativ, ITV soap awards 2013, BABTAC MUA finalist 2013, Warpaint 2013 winner, Corrie Pride 2013, LGFB & experienced lecturer.

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