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The Complete Guide to Reflexology by Ruth Hull: Susan Davis Review

The Complete Guide to Reflexology by Ruth Hull
Price: 19.00

Written in assessable language and beautifully illustrated, this is my book of choice when recommending a text book for my reflexology students.

The chapters are well set out and with objectives which are tested in the self assessment paper at the end of each chapter, students are able to review their understanding before moving on.

The book covers everything a student needs to know about reflexology from the history, the benefits, assessing a clients suitability for treatment, contraindications, the client consultation process, contra-actions, aspects of health and safety, foot, hand and ear maps and of course, the all important techniques and routines.

Every chapter offers a new learning experience and I particularly like the applied reflexology section of the book with its references and excellent illustration on how the reflex points relate to the organs and the systems of the body. This is a really important aspect of reflexology and gives students a better understanding of why particular points are stimulated and what effect it has on the physical body.

Something that is often missing in textbooks on reflexology is the "energetic system" As reflexology has its root in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a really important aspect of reflexology and Ruth Hull addresses the meridian system in an easy to understand format backed up with illustrations and practical tips.

The chapter on diseases and disorders is extremely useful for students new to reflexology and is a practical guide for common diseases and conditions that may be successfully treated with reflexology. It takes the guess work out and gives the student the confidence to apply reflexology in a way that is beneficial to the client.

Reflexology can be applied to the hands and ears as well as the feet and both are covered in the book with excellent charts and illustrations.

Although the illustrations showing practical application and the written word is detailed nothing beats the experience of watching a demonstration and once again, this book delivers as it is accompanied by a DVD showing the techniques used in a treatment as well as other practical advice for students of reflexology.

Detailed chapters, self assessment tests, excellent foot, hand and ear maps, study tips, practical tips, meridian therapy, routines, techniques, applied reflexology, diseases and disorders, clinical practice and an informative visual DVD makes The Complete Guide to Reflexology the perfect accompanying text book for my training school and an invaluable reference guide for my students.

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Review by Susan Davis: 02 Nov 2013
Susan trained as a therapist in 2003 at Tresham Institute in Kettering, Northants spending 2 years as a full time student qualifying in 2005 with a VTCT/IIHHT Diploma in Holistic Therapies, a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, VTCT/IIHHT Level 4 Certificate in Aromatherapy and an VTCT/IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage

She is also an NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner and Certified Life Coach.

Susan Davis: Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training
Rothwell, Northamptonshire

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