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Introducing Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Introducing Bellabaci Cupping Massage
Already popular in the United States, Europe & South Africa Bellabaci Cupping Massage is about to take off in the UK.

Here’s what the Bellabaci Massage Therapy System has proven to deliver and what you can now offer your clients
• Excellent Holistic & Therapeutic Results
• Relief from tight, sore muscles
• Help with digestive disorders
• Better circulation, better skin texture
• Less cellulite
• Relief from headaches & migraines
• Improved appearance of stretch marks
• Long term solutions to persistent problems
• Deep tissue release without relative discomfort
• Much more

The Bellabaci Massage Therapy System provides all the benefits of traditional Chinese Cupping modalities with none of the drawbacks. Instead of plastic or glass cups that tend to leave marks, the Bellabaci Massage Therapy System utilizes scientifically designed medical silicone cups that are hand squeezed to provide a vacuum that provide superior stimulation to the skin and underlying tissue. Courses are now available in

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Date Added: 17/02/2014
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