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Mesotherapy for Skin Health


Mesotherapy Treatment BenefitsAs skin therapists we are always looking to find the next best treatment. Driven by desire to further our professional development as well as requests from our clients, we keep our ears firmly to the ground. What should matter most is that the treatment be:


Mesotherapy fits this brief perfectly. The term derives from the Greek mesos, middle, and therapy Greek therapeia, to treat medically. It was introduced by a French doctor in 1952, Doctor Michel Pistor. Mesotherapy is an umbrella term to describe the injection technique. Some injections are placed deeper into the basal layer or dermis hence "meso" "middle". These types of injections are primarily for fat loss and have been very controversial in the past.

Skin Rejuvenation

The most commonly used meostherapy is for skin rejuvenation using intraepidermal methodology. Here the aim is to deliver the product within the epidermis at a depth of 0.2mm to 0.5mm. There are no real capital set up costs for this treatment and needles and syringes as well as product is all that is required. Correct angle of insertion is key, keeping needle and syringe to a 30 degree angle. This style of injecting should not cause bruising or pain. This method works to its optimal level when preceded by a superficial skin peel. By removing the build up of dead skin cells from the stratum corneum (desquamation) the meso product can achieve prime penetration.

Product Selection

There is a large selection of mesotherapy product available, so what to choose? For skin rejuvenation a good anti-ageing cocktail is a great place to start. Ingredients vary but look for vitamin C, vitamin B, peptides, DMAE, hyaluronic acid to name but a few. These ingredients will:

- target new collagen production
- reduce inflammation
- add moisture

 These 3 targets are essential for enhancing ageing skin. In essence, however, this treatment is ideal for any age group and any ethnicity. A boost to dry, dull dehydrated skin. The cocktail serums come in small glass vials and ampoules and are for professional use only. Brands like MTS and MCCM are excellent.

Why Choose Mesotherapy?

As for many treatments it isnt always about one process or one ingredient and should be multi-faceted in its approach. Mesotherapy can be combined with facial massage techniques, introducing a glycolic peel as part of the treatment and finishing with an indulgent mask. Mesotherapy and microdermabrasion work well together to maximize benefits. Microdermabrasion is a dry treatment so add to this by introducing the mesotherapy, perfusing the skin with much needed healthy nutrients. No downtime, no side effects just glowing, healthy skin full of vitality. Or it can be administered as a standalone treatment. 6 weekly treatments are recommended and unlike its needling cousin dermaroller results are instant. Charges per treatment vary but a price of around 90 pounds is an average.

Adding mesotherapy to your treatment menu will give your salon an edge, intrigue your existing customer base and attract new business.


Carrying out any advanced skin therapies requires excellent training and pre-requisites are Level 3 beauty or equivalent. Supplementary training will be necessary and this can be found via a number of private training companies. Check with your insurance provider for cover or try BABTAC, Professional Beauty Direct, Towergate or Hamilton Fraser.

Emma Coates, Beauty FinderEmma Coates is a registered nurse with over 20 years experience and founder of Emma Coates Aesthetic Training. Her passion for advanced skin therapies led her to develop her training company 10 years ago: treatments include dermaroller, mesotherapy and skin peeling.

She is now sharing her skills and knowledge with further education colleges nationwide.

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Date Added: 27/03/2015