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Top Tips for a Successful Salon Website

Having been in the industry for 20 years, Michael Quinn online marketing guru provides the top tips for a successful salon website. Whilst a number are salon specific the majority will apply to hair and beauty business owners who wish to maximise their online presence.

Before You Start

Choose an appropriate Domain/Business Name 
Ensure you choose an appropriate domain name, 2 words is recommended and personalise using name or location to distinguish yours. We have found on  a lot of duplicate salon names which will not help your business online, so important to check this first.

Website Hosting
You should ensure your website hosting company offers hosting in UK, Ireland or country where you reside. Don’t be tempted for cheap hosting from the USA/India etc.

Website Strategy
Decide what the purpose of your website is, how you will achieve this and resources required to manage this. Get some assistance if needed.

Website Design Features

Professional Design is Key 
Whilst DIY websites may be cheap or FREE they are no substitute for a professionally designed website and could actually damage your business. Investing in a professional website is one of your most important marketing activities. A professional logo and graphics are a worthwhile investment.

Responsive Design
Your website should include a responsive design and be viewable on all devices, desktops, tablets and mobile devices, as a growing number of users now search using mobile devices.

Fast Loading Website Pages
Ensure your website is fast loading otherwise users wont wait for pages to load. This can be achieved by using a clean HTML design, ensuring images are optimised for the web and pages aren’t too cluttered. Try to use sub-pages where required. Search engines also use this as a ranking factor for search results.

Easy Navigation
Make sure your website is easy to navigate and menu buttons can be seen. Include sub-pages so your menu doesn’t become too cluttered.

Easy To Update
Your website should be easy to maintain and update. A content management system is essential. Your website should also include a blog for regular updates and keep this updated. You should review your website weekly if you can.

Website Performance Statistics
To fully understand how successful your website is performing, you need to review the website statistics. Google Analytics provides a free statistics tool giving essential information on visitor traffic and website metrics. You should check this every month.

Search Engine Friendly
Even a professional designed website is of little value if no one can find it. Ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly and page content has been optimised for search engines. Include a sitemap on your website with links to all pages which ensures search engines can access all your pages easily. Employ a specialist here.

Website Content

Here are some suggestions for the key content elements you should include on your salon website:

Company Information/ Staff Profiles
Provide some background to yourself, company and ideally list your salon staff profiles/pictures with experience and qualifications. This will allow your potential customers to get to know your staff and give them confidence in salon before they even request an appointment.

Salon Pictures
Include some professional salon pictures, preferably inside and out. Don’t make the mistake of taking them on your phone as this will not help the image of your salon. It is worth investing in getting some professional photos of your salon and staff taken.

Ensure Contact Details and Opening Times are Displayed
Ensure these are prominent and easy to find, preferably on top or all pages of website. Also include location map and how to book an appointment.

What Services do you offer?
Ensure you have all treatments listed with prices. Advise whether you cater for men and children. Include a PDF download.

What Products or Brands do you use? 
Customers are becoming more savy and will likely look at what professional products you use in your salon. List all your products used with logos and a brief reason why you love/use them and include online shop if you retail them.

Photo Gallery
Showcase your best work with past clients, hairstyles, nails, makeup. You can link a Facebook gallery here.

Special Offers
It is recommended you have a Special Offers page and include monthly offers, which will encourage new customers to book an appointment and existing customers to return to your website.

Customer Testimonials
include some real customer testimonials on your website and/or link to other websites with independent ones.

Calls to Action
A website must include a call to action and is key to successful ROI on your website, after all if a visitor comes to your website you want to engage with them, and ultimately secure them as a client.

How to Request a Booking
You need to clearly provide details on how to book a treatment, whether this is by telephone, online booking, email or Facebook etc.

Email Sign-up Capture Form
Include an email sign-up form to build a customer database and include a reason/incentive for signing up. This should also be promoted for social media competitions and regular e-shots should be sent. 

Social Media Connections 
Add links to your social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from your website will allow you to increase followers across these networks.

The Legal Stuff

And finally there are a few things you need to include;

Privacy Policy
You need to advise how you manage customer data, collection and storage.

Cookies Policy
You need to include details on Cookies compliance.

You should include Terms & Conditions of Trade. Important things such as pricing, appointment cancellation should be clearly stated as well as copyright notice, especially for images etc.

So How Does Your Salon Website perform again our criteria?
If your salon website includes these features you are well on the way to creating a successful online marketing solution for your business.

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Date Added: 12/10/2015
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