Why Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Has Becomes Cool



Why Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Has Becomes Cool

Hair FREE Happiness – Why Electrolysis has become Cool

Elaine Stoddart explains how electrolysis has changed and with improvements in technology and practitioner skills now ensuring that Electrolysis has becoming a safe, effective and almost pain-free permanent hair removal method. 

Has electrolysis finally arrived? Is it at last, acceptable to talk about it? It has always had a reputation for safe permanent hair removal but has it now gained a reputation for being, dare I say, cool?
Society’s changing perceptions combined with the development of Laser/IPL sexed up the hair removal market and has made it acceptable to mention the unmentionable – female hairy faces and now ‘electrolysis’, (never a sexy subject), is enjoying a new image. Gone, is the old fashioned ‘granny whiskers’ painful image and IN, is hair removal using digital technology, sophisticated techniques and the NEW ‘Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’.

On (6th September 2011), the indomitable Chris Evans (DJ, TV Presenter and multi millionaire) stated on his BBC2 Radio show that his wife had had electrolysis treatment. He jovially expressed the words ‘Tish’ (his wife’s name) and ‘Tash’ in the same sentence which she may, or may not be mortified about, but the fact is, that even Chris Evans, (not one normally associated with being ‘au fait’ with the ‘beautification’ of women), demonstrates proof, by his knowledgeable and relaxed demeanor regarding his wife’s treatment, that electrolysis is a well known, acceptable and popular treatment with today’s sophisticated women.

Electrolysis is a brilliant stand alone, modern, affordable treatment and with improvements in technology has developed into a comfortable and gentle treatment, even more effective and increasingly popular today. It retains the legal affirmation of being THE only permanent method of hair removal but also complements LASER/IPL treatments and together they make the perfect combination offering speed of treatment with the added benefit of permanency.

Electrolysis can treat ALL hair types and colours as well as ALL skin types and colours which guarantees that electrolysis can help YOU.

Over the years, ever since electrolysis was first invented in 1875, technology has improved mmensely and the original scary looking electrolysis machines bear no resemblance to modern sleek sophisticated epilators such as the Sterex top of the range SXB. To remove one hair used to take up to 6 minutes and now it is merely a second. In addition to this, newer modalities including Thermolysis and Blend are now offered as common place rather than just the old fashioned Galvanic method. Not only has the machinery improved beyond all recognition but so have the probes (needles) that are used. These are now machine made, infinitesimally small and delicate individual one use only sterile probes about the size of an eyelash. The choice of these has improved dramatically from the original sanded down piece of wire! They are available from Sterex in 24 carat gold (for sensitive skin) or insulated with a medical grade insulation material (minimising the after treatment redness) or the best selling medical grade stainless steel. The leading brand Sterex two piece needle offers the practitioner unparallel follicular feel that is paramount to a perfect effective treatment.

So How Does Electrolysis Compare with Other Hair Removal Methods?

Waxing and sugaring are popular methods of hair removal and are generally inexpensive. However neither of these are permanent so cannot be compared to electrolysis. Electrolysis remains the only method of hair removal legally allowed to claim it offers permanent hair removal. Any treatment that rips the hair from the follicle risks stimulating the area and strengthening the hair growth in that area.

Laser and IPL are options for larger areas and darker hair, but are hair management methods and do not offer a permanent solution. They also work by targeting the melanin in the hair, so for blonde, grey or white hair this temporary hair reduction method simply does not work.

What Training is Required to Carry out Electrolysis?

Beauty Therapists who are accepted onto a full comprehensive 3 year study programme of training are often (but not always) given the opportunity to study electrolysis. It is the most difficult subject at college to learn due to the complexity of the theory and the dexterity of practical accomplishment required and therefore the cream of Beauty Therapists are the ones who go onto complete their Aestheticians qualification (Beauty Therapy and Electrolysis). Electrolysis is often a stand alone profession also and as such training is available in shortened courses at private colleges such as the award winning Sterex Electrolysis Academy. Sterex offer a short but highly intensive course and entry requirements demand an Anatomy and Physiology qualification. Once this training is completed, practice, more practice and experience will hone skills to create an electrolysist with expert skills. The professions association is The British Institute & Association of Electrolysis.

So What Does it Cost the Client?

Can a cost be put on permanent hair removal? Priceless is what many would say! Facial hair was named the biggest fear in a recent study into hair removal habits of 3000 British women by shaving company Remington. On average women spend £8000 on hair removal during their lives and the study found they would be prepared to spend £712 to permanently remove unwanted hair
Electrolysis is usually priced at between £1 & £2 per minute although a highly sought after, experienced expert practitioner may charge higher prices. Prices start therefore for a minimum up to 15 minute treatment £15 to £30 + Several treatments will be required as each hair has to be treated a number of times before it is finally disabled. Once the hair has gone though – it has gone!
Happy satisfied clients are always profitable for salons as they will remain loyal, cross purchase and recommend to others. To perform the treatment is very inexpensive. It is the skill of the practitioner that the client pays for.

Electrolysis is experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity because it delivers exactly what it promises – PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Don’t suffer in silence. To find a good electrologist in your area visit the ‘British Institute and Association of Electrolysists’ (BIAE) whose members have all passed a strict theory and practical examination. Sterex Electrolysis International Limited also have a ‘Find a Salon’ section on their website www.sterex.com

By Elaine Stoddart / 0121 708 2404/  info@sterex.com

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